Lee Kwan Yew Scholarship

The LKY School runs four distinctive Master Programmes:

  • Two-year Master in International Affairs (MIA): Suitable for professionals with a keen interest in Asian and  global affairs and a strong passion to contribute to the positive transformations that are taking place in Asia and the world.
  • Two-year Master in Public Policy (MPP): Suitable for early-career professionals with at least two years of relevant work experience, with an aim to gain a strong foundation in policy analysis, programme evaluation and management.
  • One-year Master in Public Administration (MPA): Suitable for mid-managerial professionals with at least five years of relevant work experience, who aspire to make a transition to senior management and leadership roles through an intensive and interdisciplinary training in decision making and problem solving. 
  • One-year Master in Public Management (MPM): Suitable for senior public officials with over ten years of work experience and a proven track record of leadership and high-level decision-making in their careers, looking for intellectual rejuvenation to become more effective leaders by focussing on the challenges of effective leadership and good governance.

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